Charlie’s Angels Theme Shoot

Another Timeless Franchise

I did watch the very first TV show in the 1970s but I didn’t get it and lost track. It never went away though. There were always more series and posters of the stars everywhere then repeats started. There was even a documentary and of course in more recent years, the movies came.

I have eventually started taking fashion seriously and like a lot of things, Charlie’s Angels starts to make sense. It was a thing, people liked it and it stayed around.

Anyway, so here we were just prior to lockdown shooting in my home town of South Shields on a sunny and extremely windy spring day. It was excellent of course working with Amy, Coutney, Kirsty, Adam and Sid. There is nothing like a team shoot and we had a great time.

The intense spring sun and the wind were both very challenging. A filter would have been a good idea in retrospect. Still, it worked well with the black and everyone’s hair colour. Also, the sky was really something. You often get great clouds down there at the coast.

It was quieter than normal as tourism was tailing off for the start of quarantine, but the local people very chatty and supportive.

Most of the shots are sun backlit with OCF Godox AD600BM & 32″ octabox.

Charlie's Angels

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