Month: June 2022

Amy, Fashion Influencer Spring 2022

Spring fashions to lift the spirits. Amy has been doing lots of work with wedding and clothing brands this year plus a host of creative projects. We managed to fit in a quick studio session at Hidden Heights, though. The outfits were mainly from Eva Boutique Gosforth. Hopefully summer fashions to come!

Halloween 2021

I’ve put together a selection from a few more exotic shoots that all took place around Halloween. Perhaps the lengthening evenings evoked thoughts of darker or more colourful things. It was nice getting to know the two studios KVR and Dark Raven. Two excellent creative spaces. Sadly as I understand, they are both closing down …

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Amy Model in pink dress

Amy, Influencer

We did two fairly big studio shoots and one location one in 2021. Amy works with a number of clothing brand suppliers, boutiques and all sorts of local businesses. Also, countless local photographers and makeup artists. Check out Amy’s Facebook pages Aim for Love Model and Aim for Love Apparel also Instagram Aim for Love. …

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