Advenis Modelling

“I said you wanna be startin’ somethin’
You got to be startin’ somethin'”

“Advenis Models was created to promote diversity and give everyone the chance to follow their dreams.”

Just this year (2020) Advenis was launched. The diversity message is fundamental in society. Diversity is our strength and when we stand together we survive and we grow.

Industries like fashion have been polarised for too long and are not surprisingly becoming fragile.

True beauty is robust. It grows, it doesn’t fade. It doesn’t depend on age, shape or colour. It doesn’t set you apart, it opens doors.

Advenis are on the right track, I’d say!

Newcastle upon Tyne. What an awesome backdrop for a new modelling agency. A place that’s been built up and knocked down repeatedly. Most of it is essentially new but the old and ruined parts are actually quite stylish.

We have four new models here, Harvey, Sabrina, Harri and Ellie Grace.

Hoping for great things when we stop having pandemics.

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