Uncaged at the Durham Fringe

The Durham Fringe

This was the very first Durham Fringe and I hope it becomes a regular fixture. I only went to one event but it was pretty full with Uncaged Aerial Theatre, Pelican Theatre, Erica Mulkern and Jessica Liversidge. It was remarkably well organised and very well attended. There was a brilliant stage area set for the aerialists and dancers and stacked seating areas on three sides, one roofed (which was a good thing). I had a fabulous view of everyone and the sound was perfect too.

Jessica Liversidge

Here was a program of poetry recitals and songs interspersed between the dance and aerial pieces which kept the programme moving and stitched the event together perfectly!

Jessica is a music teacher and choir leader. Please check out her Instagram and Facebook pages for regular on line performances and videos.



Erica Mulkern

Erica Mulkern MA is a professional dancer, teacher, choreographer and mentor based in West Yorkshire, UK.

Erica performed her first solo work ‘Suzy Homemaker‘ each day of the Fringe, sometimes in pouring rain.

It was great to be able to get some images from the performance, but a photo gallery does no justice for the piece. See below for a video preview and do check her website for latest news – https://ericamulkern.wordpress.com

Uncaged Aerial Theatre

Letters of Hope was performed as an event in itself just a few days earlier amid the dramatic backdrop of Penshaw Monument and I’ll cover that in a separate post.

Here was a shorter version especially for the fringe performed on each day. It worked really well as a shorter piece and fitted in with the other performances perfectly. the grounds of St Chad’s College were amazing and the stage and audience area were wonderful. I had a superb view of the performance with crystal clear sound. Please check the gallery below to see some wonderful moments.

The Durham Fringe 2021
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Pelican Theatre

Pelican Theatre performed their piece Kindred. Superbly vibrant and energetic physical theatre. Again, it was perfect for the setting and a brilliant ending to a great event.

Please check them out for their back story and films and new events and give them a follow on social media.

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I managed to get a fair gallery of shots that do show a little of the dynamism, but you need to see it happen!

Pelican Theatre