David K

Advenis Modelling

Just this year (2020) Advenis was launched. The diversity message is fundamental in society. Diversity is our strength and when we stand together we survive and we grow. Industries like fashion have been polarised for too long and are not surprisingly becoming fragile. True beauty is robust. It grows, it doesn’t fade. It doesn’t depend …

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Dream Project 2019

Set in Beltcraft Studio, London. A magic collection of models and stylists in a perfect grungy attitude environment. A day long workshop to explore as many concepts as you can in a single day with such amazing resources!

Ágnes Krivanics Design

Ágnes Krivanics Designs

“My greatest passion is combining. Combining the styles (historical with modern) and combining the materials (recycling, upcycling material with luxury and high- quality fabrics). My designs are bespoke and draped creations with attention to detail. I create feminine shapes to make a woman feel beautiful, unique and confident with herself.” – London Runway 2018

HERVÉ by Céline Marie

The look and the detail of these pieces is remarkable. The highly original metallic shades especially transform skin tones. The company is based in Amsterdam but the session here was in London. It was a great opportunity to work with a leading edge designer and indeed a marvelous styling team.